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MadPak Professional Suite - Electronic Download (Perpetual License)

This version of MadPak includes electronic downloads of Flare, Contributor, Analyzer, MadCap Lingo, Mimic, and Capture, an online help system for each product, and the respective User Manuals in PDF format.
Purchasing the bundled suite saves over 50% when compared to purchasing the individual products separately.
Shipping and handling charges do not apply to downloads.

Maintenance and Support

A new MadCap Software purchase includes 12 months of Bronze-level Support and Maintenance, which provides unlimited email access to technical support and free product updates & upgrades for the duration of the maintenance period.

Platinum Maintenance Icon

Need Unlimited Telephone Support and More?
Upgrade to Platinum-level Support.

An upgrade to Platinum-level Support and Maintenance can be added to your
purchase at a nominal cost. Our premium plan adds extended support hours,
unlimited email and telephone support and more, all from our award-winning,
in-house technical support team.

Exclusive Platinum Support Benefits
  • Extended Telephone Support Hours
  • Senior Engineer Support Team
  • Unlimited Priority Phone Support
  • Customized Project Analysis
  • Priority Email Support
I love my Platinum Support so much that I would fight someone in a ring of fire to keep it.
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Heather Janas

*Maintenance Options  
12 Months - Bronze Maintenance, (Included)
12 Months - Platinum Maintenance, Add $401.00
24 Months - Bronze Maintenance, Add $351.00
24 Months - Platinum Maintenance, Add $1,251.00
36 Months - Bronze Maintenance, Add $651.00
36 Months - Platinum Maintenance, Add $1,851.00
Base Price: $1,847.00
Price: $1,847.00

Please add the total quantity to your order.