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MadCap Central Subscription 12 Months

Licensed on a per user basis and enables access to all features and functionality for a period of 12 months from date of purchase. Subscription includes 10 GB of storage, unlimited email and telephone access to technical support and all upgrades and updates for the duration of the subscription. (Quantity below indicates number of users requiring access).

Note: When you purchase through the e-commerce store, you will be provided a brand new license key. Any work (e.g., teams, users, projects) set up during your trial will not be preserved. However, should you wish to preserve the work conducted during your trial, you can purchase directly from within the MadCap Central application.

Price: $1,308.00


Platinum Maintenance Icon

Your New Purchase Includes
Platinum-level Support.

Our premium plan adds extended support hours, unlimited email and telephone
support and more, all from our award-winning, in-house technical support team.

Exclusive Platinum Support Benefits
  • Extended Telephone Support Hours
  • Senior Engineer Support Team
  • Unlimited Priority Phone Support
  • Customized Project Analysis
  • Priority Email Support
I love my Platinum Support so much that I would fight someone in a ring of fire to keep it.
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